Monday, May 6, 2013

DEQ Awards The First Mobile NPDES Permit in Oregon to Environmental Business Solutions Corp

Portland (I-Newswire) May 6, 2013 -Environmental Business Solutions Corp (EBS) a leading provider of wastewater management solutions received the first Mobile National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES) ever issued from the Oregon Department Of Quality (DEQ). The permit authorizes the revolutionary Storm Regen® remediation units to treat contaminated industrial, surface and stormwater run-off using a proprietary recycling solution that purifies and recycles the previously contaminated water removed from the original vessel. This liquid is regenerated and returned where applicable. The remaining contaminated stormwater is disposed of off site with less cost and liability than current solutions allow.

Storm Regen is not intended to replace the current 'Vactor" truck method still relevant for some applications and it was not designed to act as a stop-gap solution between standard service intervals. The Storm Regen technology was developed to clean various commercial appurtenance on a regular basis and is a critical best management practice for stormwater pollution control. Where the Storm Regen technology will be most appreciated is in facilities with multiple stormwater applications such as municipalities or large campus facilities.

"Storm Regen is an example of what can be achieved by taking advantage of all EBS has to offer to implement, execute, and document a BMP stormwater maintenance program not previously attainable," said Matt Ellison of Lovett, Inc.

The Storm Regen process captures the liquids and pollutants and removes them for 'regeneration'. In Step Two the removed solids are vacuumed using a second pump and directed to a separate tank for disposal later off-site. The regenerated liquid is then re-purposed back into the original container (ie: catch basin). The entire process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and the holding tank of contaminated wastewater can be added to and does not need to be disposed of until the tank is full.

"We are the only company that offers a full set of tools and services to address the growing need for tighter processes and stricter documentation allowing us to meet the increasingly regulated industry standards without incurring substantial cost and often times seeing a reduction in labor cost and client liability" Jim Hinkley, founder of EBS Corp and inventor of the patent-pending Storm Regen said.

Hinley is a leader in designing systems for resolving, reducing and/or reclaiming waste by-products, for the last 20 years.Designing his first custom StormWater application in 1999, EBS has been quietly winning contracts with Tri-Met, Multnomah County, Clackamas County, and Lewis & Clark College just to name a few. EBS is dedicated to meeting the increasingly complex requirements of modern waste management and its growing impact on our environment.

Wanting to provide a full-service BMP solution EBS began implementing standardized forms years ago to assist his clients with the need to document compliance with both state and federal agencies. The EBS documentation program has consistently exceeded the environmental requirements of all our Private, Federal, State, and Local agencies.

"Using Storm Regen allows our clients to avoid incurring additional expenses, over traditional service methods, while providing a environmentally sustainable solution," said Hinkley. "After that, it was easy, to see providing the accompanying documentation process was not a luxury, but a necessity."

Based on federal regulations, the NPDES permit is required for industrial facilities that discharge Stormwater from their industrial areas to surface waters of the state, or to storm drains that discharge to surface waters. The first of it's kind, the discharge permit is mobile and may occur at locations throughout the Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Clatsop, Columbia, and Tillamook Counties. 

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About EBS Corp: Storm Regen Technology is utilizing the latest advancements in sustainable practices for resolving, reducing and/or reclaiming industrial wastewater. The patent-pending process expertly manages collection, treatment, disposal and recycling of stormwater runoff. This new solution is pioneering the way to more effective, Eco friendly stormwater solutions and proving advantageous when compared to traditional single-phase methods (i.e. Vactor Truck combining liquid and solids).

Storm Regen and the Storm Regen logo are registered trademarks of Environmental Business Solutions. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 

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