Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Storm Regen Center Stage Of Waterworld Magazine December 2014 Edition

Storm Regen® is December's Featured Product Focus Is WaterWorld Magazine 

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The Product Focus is a special featured article providing an in-depth look at a
specific piece of equipment or technology. These articles objectively discuss the technology, operation and application of the product.

This months focus is on EBS's Storm Regen®. a first-of-a-kind mobile remediation solution. Approved in March of 2013, Storm Regen is living up to the goals agreed upon in the NPDES permit application. A patent pending new technology, Storm Regen is changing the way Stormwater is removed and processed.

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The most recently published Storm Regen article follows last months presentation at AWRA conference in downtown Portland. EBS Founder and Inventor Jim Hinkley discussed how the Storm Regen technology is addressing StormWater Best Management Practices (BMP) more efficiently than earlier StormWater solutions could manage. Showcasing the Storm Regen features and long-term benefits the presentation was well received.

The print version of Waterworld Magazine will be out soon however if you can't wait you can find the article online by following the link below. 

Product Focus - Renewing Rainwater: Mobile Stormwater Solution
Helps Municipalities Preserve Storm Drains, Water Resources