Friday, February 12, 2016

Gresham City Council considers wastewater infrastructure improvements

City considers taking on debt to spur Pleasant Valley development

The Gresham City Council is deciding whether to pony up the money for wastewater infrastructure in Pleasant Valley with the hope of stimulating private development.
Courtesy: City Of Gresham

There are three subdivisions under construction in Pleasant Valley, One of them is connected into the wastewater system, while the other two have temporary pumps to connect with the system.

Getting construction going in the neighborhood, which is roughly 1,000 acres, is part of the Gresham's 2016 work plan.  The Pleasant Valley community has boundaries that cross Gresham and Portland as well as both Clackamas and Multnomah counties.

Other capital improvement projects the city is considering include updating water and wastewater pipes that are decades old, general street maintenance, continuing to build the Fairview-Gresham trail and building out Hogan Butte Nature Park and Gradin Sports Park.
The projects will go to the Planning Commission and Finance Committee for reviews, and the council will look at them again in May.

Courtesy: City Of Gresham

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