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TriMet Awards Contract To Environmental Business Solutions, Inc.

Contact: Jim HinkleyPhone: 503.969.3900June 1, 2012

TriMet Awards Contract To Environmental Business Solutions, Inc.

TriMet Resolution 11-11-81 Authorizing 5-Year Contract for Vacuum & Pump Truck Services 

Environmental Business Solutions Inc. ™ has been servicing the TriMet stormwater and wastewater systems since January 2012 after being selected and awarded the contract. Deciding factors included TriMet’s desire to select a local business with an excellent safety record and strong background in innovative technologies for stormwater recycling and regeneration.
For Immediate Release: TriMet opened the bidding process following the expiration of the 5-year existing contract.. After accepting multiple proposals, which were subsequently scored and voted on, Environmental Business Solutions, Inc. ™ (EBS) received the highest combined score with a solid technical proposal and competitive price. TriMet also recognized EBS status as a qualified Office of Minority, Women, Emerging Small Business (“OMWESB”) member, and a locally owned business.
The contract is a result of TriMet’s responsibility to perform certain maintenance activities at its garages, such as vehicle washing, that generate oily wastewater and solids that must be properly removed and managed. Additionally, TriMet facilities, park & ride lots and transit centers throughout the metro region have catch basins and filtering treatment systems that require regular cleaning and maintenance
It is important for TriMet to regularly clean the oil/water separators, sumps, and catch basins at its facilities to meet The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality DEQ permit requirements and keep the stormwater clean.
"We are excited to be teaming with TriMet to maintain the storm drains insuring proper disposal of stormwater and further protecting our water sources. EBS is committed to protecting our environment and moving towards 100% sustainability through stormwater regeneration." Said Jim Hinkley, Owner EBS.


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About Environmental Business Solutions: EBS specializes in innovative answers and design solutions by applying “Regen” technologies for stormwater and industrial wastewater applications. EBS has built its reputation by successfully exceeding the environmental needs of Private, Federal, State, and Local clients. Dedicated to safety and a standard of excellence. EBS has been a leader in designing systems for resolving, reducing, and/or reclaiming waste by-products.

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About TriMet: Sustainability and Stormwater

We reuse or recycle virtually everything we can from our facilities: oil, antifreeze, batteries, paint, nuts and bolts, light bulbs, and windshields... even bus shelter glass. For decades, almost all surfaces along freeways have been solid, giving water on the road no place to go except directly into stormwater systems, area streams, creeks, and rivers. By installing bioswales and greenscaping around MAX stations and rail lines, including tens of thousands of new trees and shrubs, we're able to capture storm runoff and keep pollutants out of our rivers and sewer systems. In areas where the soil does not drain well, we designed solutions that allow partial water retention. In addition, the parking areas at some of the MAX Light Rail support building areas have pavement that lets water drain through it, which reduces runoff.

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