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Earth Day 2012 - Ways You Can Make a Difference - BUE News and Events | BidURenergy - Energy Management and Energy Consulting

Earth Day 2012 - Ways You Can Make a Difference 

| BidURenergy - Energy Management and Energy Consulting

Have you made your pledge for Earth Day 2012? May it be planting a tree, decreasing the temperature in your home, or investing in a reusable mug, every effort makes a difference. This weekend marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, and with an increasingly “green” society, participation in Earth Day efforts are expected to increase. The event provides a great opportunity for communities to learn how to not only make a difference on Earth Day, but also to change their lifestyles to help our earth.
Earth day events are taking place throughout the world, and people are participating in local events such as green vehicle fashion shows, Earth Day celebrations, clean ups, family education & fun, planting, live music, and recycled art contests, to name a few.

A few ways to make a difference this Earth Day:

Water conservation- May it be installing a low pressure shower head, saving rainwater, or simply shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth, even the smallest effort can make the largest impact on our environment.

Composting- Commonly viewed as a time consuming procedure, technology has helped to transform composting a simple process.
Planting a tree- Seeds are usually of little cost to us, and Pottery Barn Kids has decided to give away seeds on Sunday, April 22 to celebrate Earth Day and encourage society to make an effort to help the earth. Click here for more information on Pottery Barn and other retailer’s efforts to increase Earth Day awareness.
Reducing consumption- A popular, simple way to do this is through the use of reusable bags. Retailers Target and Kellogg’s will both be giving away reusable bags to consumers.
Turning off your thermostats- Spring is in bloom, and if we all turned down our thermostats, (or turned them off completely) imagine the impact we would have on the environment in just one day!

Here at BidURenergy, Inc., we aid organizations in minimizing the costs of Green initiatives, allowing them to be a green organization at the lowest possible cost to them. Click here to learn more about how your company can earn Carbon Credits and Renewable Energy Credits.

Earth day continues to gain popularity every year, and the global event can really make a difference if we all take the initiative to make slight changes to our lifestyles. By pledging to reduce, reuse, and recycle for Earth Day 2012, our actions will continue to make a difference in our environment.
This is a great look at celebrating Earth Day and I thank Kate Endres for allowing me to repost here. Please visit her site if you would like to get more information on Renewable Energy Credits and other Carbon Footprint reducing programs.

Kate Endres, BidURenergy, Inc.

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