Monday, October 17, 2011

Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

Mobile wastewater treatment systems provide an environmentally safer and economically cheaper solution to on-site wastewater treatment centers for local businesses. Before the availability of the mobile treatment center, the only other viable option was to have the contaminated water hauled away. In addition to the high cost of hauling oily wastewater to a off-site treatment center, the transportation requires an understanding of the government regulations, licensing requirements and discharge permits.

The key to the device is a state -of-the-art membrane that can filter out the oils from the water without becoming clogged or contaminated. In most cases, the treated water is clean enough for industrial reuse or to be discharged into the sanitary sewer. The concentrated amounts of oily sludge left over can then be hauled away by EBS at less expense. This type of treatment can reduce the waste stream by up to 95% and decrease the customers liability for travel with wastewater on public roads.

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Onsite-Mobile Wastewater Treatment System

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